Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Professor Emerita , Applied Research Institute in Jerusalem
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville , USA
Biography :

Dr. DeGarmo is a Professor Emerita at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA and research associate for the Applied Research Institute in Jerusalem. Her expertise consists of international security with a focus on the nuclear era and security in the Middle East. She has also been a facilitator for the Foreign Policy's Great Decisions program at the university since 2001. Dr. DeGarmo previously spent several years as a department chair of the political science department at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. A recipient of numerous research grants over the years, she has also received numerous awards for her contributions, including a Meridian Award for 2011 and 2012, and a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award in 2011, all granted by Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She has also been named as the recipient of the “Lifetime Achievement Award” and “Who’s Who of Professional Women” by Marquis in 2017. She also served on the Organizing Committee and as Keynote Speaker for “Environmental Toxicology and Ecological Risk Assessment”September 24-25, 2018 Chicago, Illinois, USA. Professor DeGarmo has authored four books, "The Geneva Conventions of 1949 and Their Protocols: The Case of Israel" in 2016, “The U.S.-Israeli Strategic Alliance and the Disappearing Palestine” in 2016, “The Disposal of Radioactive Wastes in the Metropolitan St. Louis Area: The Environmental and Health Legacy of the Mallinckrodt Chemical Works” in 2006, and “International Environmental Treaties and State Behavior: Factors Influencing Cooperation,” in 2004. She has also written a number of book chapters, contributions to both encyclopedias and professional journals, and undergraduate teaching manuals. Beyond those literary accomplishments, Dr. Degarmo has conducted over two dozen book and article reviews, and has served as a presenter and chair for many conference proceedings since 1994.

OCM Member
Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Nebraska Medical Center , USA
Biography :

Yazen M Alnouti is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Nebraska Medical Center. He worked as a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics, University of Kansas Medical Center. he received his Post Doctorate from University of Kansas Medical Center. He was selected by Selected by “Who’s Who in America” as a scientist with outstanding achievements in the year 2009. He has a Professional membership in American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP). He experienced as a Teaching & Research Assistant in the College of Pharmacy, University of Georgia. His highlights of Research expertise include Drug Metabolism and Disposition, High-Throughput Bioanalytical Chemistry and Pharmacokinetics.

OCM Member
Full Professor & president
American International Standards Institute (AISI) , USA
Biography :

Prof. Dr. Alireza Heidari, Ph.D., D.Sc. is a Full Professor and Academic Tenure of Chemistry at California South University (CSU), Irvine, California, USA. He has got his Ph.D. and D.Sc. degrees from California South University (CSU), Irvine, California, USA. Furthermore, he has double postdocs in Project Management, Oncology, Human Cancer Tissues and Synchrotron Radiation from Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and also in Nanochemistry and Modern Molecular Electronic–Structure Computations Theory from California South University (CSU), Irvine, California, USA. His research interests include Biophysical Chemistry, Biomolecular Spectroscopy, Quantum Chemistry, Nanochemistry, Modern Electronic Structure Computations, Theoretical Chemistry, Mathematical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Molecular Modelling, Ab initio & Density Functional Methods, Molecular Structure, Biochemistry, Molecular Simulation, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Oncology, Synchrotron Radiation, LASER, Anti–Cancer Nano Drugs, Nano Drugs Delivery, ATR–FTIR Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, Intelligent Molecules, Molecular Dynamics, Biosensors, Biomarkers, Molecular Diagnostics, Numerical Chemistry, Nucleic Acids, DNA/RNA Monitoring, DNA/RNA Hypermethylation, Human Cancer Tissues, Human Cancer Cells, Tumors, Cancer Tissues, Cancer Cells, etc. He has participated at more than two hundreds reputed international conferences, seminars, congresses, symposiums and forums around the world as yet. Also, he possesses many published articles in Science Citation Index (SCI)/International Scientific Indexing (ISI) Journals. It should be noted that he has visited many universities or scientific and academic research institutes in different countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Russia, Estonia, Turkey, France, Swiss, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, China, India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, etc. as research fellow, sabbatical and volunteer researcher or visitor and so on heretofore. He has a history of several years of teaching for college students and various disciplines and trends in different universities. Moreover, he has been a senior advisor in various industry and factories. He is expert in many computer programs and programming languages. Hitherto, he has authored more than twenty books and book chapters in different fields of Chemistry. Syne, he has been awarded more than seven hundreds reputed international awards, prizes, scholarships and honors. Heretofore, he has multiple editorial duties in many reputed international journals, books and publishers. Hitherward, he is a member of more than two hundreds reputed international academic–scientific–research institutes around the world. In addition, he is member of the Nobel committee for Chemistry. It should be noted that he is currently the President of American International Standards Institute (AISI), Irvine, California, USA and also Director of the BioSpectroscopy Core Research Laboratory at California South University (CSU), Irvine, California, USA.

OCM Member
Lecturer, Department of Physiology
Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University , Egypt
Biography :

Dr. Ghada Saad Zaghloul Ahmed Mahmoud is currently working as a Lecturer in the Department of Physiology, Assuit University , Egypt. His research interests includes rat hippocampus , area CA1 , excitatory synaptic transmission , Growth hormone , Neuroscience , Neuroendocrinology. He /she is serving as an editorial member and reviewer of several international reputed journals. Dr. Ghada Saad Zaghloul Ahmed Mahmoud is the member of many international affiliations. He/ She has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities. He /she has authored of many research articles/books related to rat hippocampus , area CA1 , excitatory synaptic transmission , Growth hormone , Neuroscience , Neuroendocrinology.

OCM Member
Lecturer of Ecotoxicology, Faculty of Science
Tanta University , Egypt
Biography :

Dr. Al Naggar (1986) is a lecturer of entomology and ecotoxicology at Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, Tanta University. He got his B. Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from zoology department, faculty of science, Tanta University, Egypt in 2007 and 2011 respectively. Then he traveled to Canada, where he joined to Prof. John Giesy group at toxicology center, Saskatchewan University for his PhD project from 2012-2015. So, he has a great experience in beekeeping, pesticides toxicology, molecular techniques and ecological risk assessment of pesticides on bees. Moreover, his ongoing research is directed toward the adverse effects of agrochemicals and heavy metals nanoparticles on honey bee health. He has published more than 15 peer-reviewed journal articles. Dr Al Naggar has been awarded the scientific publication award several times from Tanta University, Egypt. Currently, he serves as a reviewer for more than 15 peer-reviewed journals and member in editorial board of several journals. On 1st of July 2018, he will join University of California at Riverside for six months as a postdoc fellow so during the meeting he will be at USA. Also, he recently have been awarded the German Alexander von humboldt postdoc fellowship to start by 1st of January 2019.

OCM Member
senior researcher, Department of Applied Biology
University of TEBESSA , Algeria
Biography :

GUEDRI K has completed her PhD at the age of 29 years from Badji Mokhtar University, Annaba. Algeria. Now, She is senior researcher et university of TEBESSA. Algeria. The area of interest research is biological psychiatry.

Research Interest :

The area of ??interest is biological Psychiatry

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